Snow Trip 2016

Under the theme of "How We Organize Ourselves", Grade 3/4 are inquiring into transportation systems that communities create in order to meet their needs. They will visit the Zaarour area and get introduced to the different transportation modes that people use to move around on the snow. They will compare these modes to other ones they already know about.

As KG3 learners are inquiring into sound as a way to help people interpret and explore the world, they will visit the Zaarour area in order to explore different sources of sound in public whether from machines or people. They will also find out about some characteristics of sound.

KG1 & 2 learners will take their inquiry into natural cycles further, as they will observe the mountains of snow and engage in different snow activities such as sledding and building a snowman. They will also observe what people around them are wearing and look at the sky to identify the weather.

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