A Message from the School Principal

I would like to welcome you to the website of LWIS Hazmieh (LWIS-H).

As a member of the Learner's World International Schools (LWIS) Network, our school motto is "we measure success one happy learner at a time”. We aspire to collaborate with our community in finding answers to the following questions: What are the characteristics of a happy learner? How exactly does learning to cultivate a happy and meaningful life fit into education? More importantly, how do we take action to promote and sustain happiness?

We believe that happy lives are made up of a combination of positive emotions and meaningfulness-both of which contribute greatly to a child’s learning process and well-being. Emotions play an integral role in education, affecting learners’ motivation, attention, social functioning, and decision-making. We strive to recognize and validate our learners’ emotional lives and help them work with all their emotions in a rich and balanced way. Thus, creating safe and caring classroom environments and designing engaging learning experiences, both of which promote positive emotions in learners, are of utmost importance to us.

We are committed to creating a positive school climate that is rooted in shared values and responsible learner ownership. By building a caring environment in which learners feel safe and supported, we believe we can reduce the root causes of conflicts and help learners gain a sense of belonging and attachment to the community. These feelings are an important part of keeping learners engaged in the learning process.

In our quest to create an invitational learning environment and a school culture welcoming of diversity, we strongly believe that the education of the whole child helps learners respect diversity, as well as learn to perceive, understand, and act in ways that promote peace, justice, and harmonious coexistence.

As technology becomes more integrated into the learners’ lives and experiences, we aim to develop digital citizenship skills allowing our learners to develop a framework for responsible technology use, preparing them for success in learning and in life.

Working together with parents/guardians as full partners, we foster a caring and sensitive school climate that respects and responds to learners' differences as well as their similarities.

Within this collaborative learning journey that we are taking with our learners, we look at international education and international mindedness as the cornerstones of our community. This will empower our learners to grow as creative thinkers and become agents of change in the world.

Should you choose our school for your child’s education, we look forward to welcoming your child and family into our community. Feel free to contact us for further information or to schedule an appointment.

"When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, this is love.” Lana Del Ray

Best regards,

Roula Rustom, M.A.

School Principal


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